Explore Volunteering Opportunities for Students

Get involved, give back, and grow with our exciting student volunteering programs through the Shiner Chamber of Commerce. Students from 9th to 12th grade for the 2024-2025 school year can dive into the community by joining the Youth Action Team (YAT).

If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador for Shiner, combining community service with cultural engagement, consider applying for the Shiner Royalty Pageant. Details and application procedures can be found at Shiner Royalty.

Class of ’25 Senior Scholarship Award

The Shiner Chamber of Commerce sponsors scholarship opportunity for Seniors that reside in the Shiner Independent School District. Attached you will find the qualifications and application. This scholarship opportunity acknowledges all youth who choose to participate and learn about civic responsibilities through the Shiner Chamber of Commerce. The scholarship recipients will be announced in late spring and honored with a scholarship recipient dinner.

We look forward to working with the youth of Shiner to build a better community!

Participation in the Youth Action Team is a prerequisite for the senior scholarship.